A carp fishery on Lake Piaseczno is a new attraction of the place. Work on it commenced right from the start. The first planned stocking-including carp, 1-2 years old specimens and spawners weighing 5-8 kg-took place about 15 years ago. Some of the fish were later transferred to the Wygonin Fishery, established in 2000-1001, while the remainder kept growing in Lake Piaseczno. A special spot was set aside for carp fishing, so as to avoid collision with other forms of fishing. It is a natural bay, separated from the rest of the lake by a narrow passage. It is the lake's most peaceful spot, surrounded by forest and protected against intrusion. The depth ranges from 4 to 9 metres, and the bottom is sandy in some places, muddy elsewhere. The carp specimens living here are particularly wild and strong! Both mirror carp and fully scaled carp varieties are present. Currently the largest specimens weigh up to 22 kilograms. While they favour this particular bay, they move freely throughout the lake. Only three fishing positions have been set up, for up to six anglers. There are no plans to increase this number, so as to preserve the intimacy of the place and protect the fish against too strong a pressure. Due to the inaccessibility of the shore overgrown with trees, piers with small platforms, partly roofed, with places for sitting and sleeping, have been provided. The whole structure is painted dark green, helping it blend into the natural environment.
A boat (included in the price) is assigned to each fishing pier.
Optionally, an electric motor with a battery can be rented on the general terms.
For PLN 20.00 per day, patrons spending the night on the pier may use a bathroom with shower, towels,
personal hygiene products and toilet at the guesthouse.
There is a toilet (wooden privy) in the forest, close to the piers. Relieving oneself anywhere else is not
Carp fishing without a landing net and mat for unhooking or weighing the fish is forbidden. The carp fishing
license entitles one person to fish with two rods.
All carp caught must be released!
For the purpose of taking pictures, the carp must be kept in water, in conditions suited to the carp.

Bait is priced as follows:
     - boiled corn - PLN 40.00 per bucket
     - granules/Aller Aqua pellet - PLN 6.00 per kg
     - protein bait, prices depend on packaging

License pricing:
     - 1 day             PLN 350.00 per person
     - 2 days            PLN 450.00 per person
     - 3 days            PLN 550.00 per person
     - 1 week           PLN 1100.00 per person

A 24-hour fishing day starts from the moment the angler takes the fishing position. Each additional day
costs PLN 80.00.

The license covers only the angler who purchased it and entitles that person to fish with two rods and use
the assigned boat for the whole stay at the given position.