License for guests without accommodation:
License valid for one day
150 zł
License for guests with accommodation:
License valid for one day
120 zł
License valid for three day
270 zł
License valid for one week
420 zł
Children valid for two weeks
690 zł
Children up to 12 years of age
50% discount
/spinning or flyfishing method
Children up to 12 years of age
/fishing by one rod with float from shore, or
bridge under the adult supervision
Fishing License Prices
Guests of the guesthouse and lodge are eligible for discounts:
Group of 6
PLN 100.00 per person per day
Group of 12
PLN 60.00 per person per day
Fishing license valid for Lake Długie and Lake Wykówko:
1 day
PLN 60.00
3 days
PLN 90.00
the whole season
PLN 200.00
Rebates and discounts are not cumulative.

To keep your catch, you have to pay the average retail price per kilogram of fish; for exceptional specimens of
pike over 90 cm long, there is a 50 percent surcharge.

The price of the license includes the use of a “Texas 360” boat with an anchor.

You may also rent an electric motor with a battery for PLN 40.00 per day.

Charging your own battery costs PLN 5.00 per day.

* For guesthouse and lodge guests, fishing under the ice is free.

The fishing license can be purchased at the Neptun Guesthouse.
Neptun Guesthouse - Piaseczno Fishery
Single room
PLN 170.00
Double room
PLN 275.00
PLN 370.00
Extra bed
PLN 100.00
Children aged 3-12 years
PLN 100.00
Children up to 3 years of age
Fee for a dog
1 day
PLN 60.00
Fee for other animals
1 day
PLN 30.00
Prices for three nights:
Single room
PLN 435.00
Double room
PLN 700.00
PLN 920.00
Extra bed
PLN 255.00
Children aged 3-12 years
PLN 240.00
Children up to 3 years of age
Nocleg w domku:
One person
PLN 135.00
Two persons
PLN 220.00
Three persons
PLN 305.00
Four persons
PLN 385.00
Five persons
PLN 470.00
Breakfast is not included and costs PLN 21.00. Several breakfast options are available.
Groups of six or more are entitled to a 10-percent discount off the price of accommodation at the Guesthouse.
Rebates and discounts are not cumulative.
Guesthouse patrons have free use of the outdoor swimming pool and billiards room.
When reserving accommodation for several days, please make a prepayment:
for up to 3 days
PLN 200.00 per person
for over 3 days
PLN 500.00 per person
We can also arrange special events.
Bank account number:
98 1140 2004 0000 3702 7635 4942
Sauna and jacuzzi:
PLN 60.00